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Accommodation - How to Advertise Accommodation

For other advertising , see Advertising on Happyhiker

Visits to happyhiker.co.uk exceed 500,000 per year. For more detailed information on the statistics and advertising principles, see the more general advertising page,  Advertising on Happyhiker

The simple principle for happyhiker.co.uk is to provide low cost advertising for accommodation providers and at the same time make walkers aware of walker friendly accommodation up front, as they research areas and their walks, before searching general accommodation sites afterwards.

There is no involvement in the booking process and there are no additional/hidden charges.

If you are interested in advertising your accommodation on happyhiker.co.uk, the cost for an entry is a flat rate of only £30.00 per year.

Please look at some of the existing adverts in the Lake District Accommodation section to see how the links and formats work.

If preferred, you can have a banner style link on other pages. See Advertising on Happyhiker for information on charges - essentially the same except for some premium pages listed on the table there.

All you need to do is advise your interest and leave the rest to me but if you want more detail about the process, see below.

The straightforward process is as follows.

1) Advise your interest to:

 (note you will need to type the email address as this is an image to avoid spam)

2) If you have a website, I will compile an advert using information shown on it. If you do not have a website, it would be helpful to confirm at the interest stage, for incorporation in a draft advert, relevant information readers might find useful plus a photo and any additional facts such as:

  • B&B or Self catering
  • If packed lunches are available
  • Dogs/pets permitted/not permitted
  • Evening meals
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking availability

I will propose the relevant section for the advert according to the location of the accommodation but you can have the advert listed under any area you consider appropriate. If you wish to feature in more than one geographical section, the charge for each additional section, for the same advert, is £20.00 per year providing this is all dealt with at the same time. If the appropriate area for your accommodation is not listed, it will be created.

3) The advert will be submitted for your approval at which point you can substitute a better/preferred picture than the one suggested if you wish, or revised wording (up to 100 words in the description - see advert format below). Any picture will be resized appropriately to fit in with the format of the advertisements.

4) Any revised advert will be re-submitted for your final approval.

5) Once the advert is agreed, an invoice will be sent for payment. Payment is accepted by BACS (preferred), or Paypal. In common with many businesses, as a result of the reducing number of bank branches, I no longer accept payment by cheque.

6) The advert will be published immediately the payment is received but the “official” year of publication begins on 1st of the month following that in which payment is received. Any period between payment and 1st of the following month is free.

7) A reminder will be issued about a month before expiry of the year to confirm if you wish to renew/revise the advert.

8) Please note that as happyhiker.co.uk is a walking website, the majority of customers coming via this site are likely to be walkers with the attendant occasional possibility (or probability given our climate!) of wet clothing/muddy boots. If such issues fill you with dread, advertising on this site is probably not for you!

The format of the advert will be as below:

Town Name

The blue icon above will be linked to Google Maps to show the location of the town - not the accommodation itself.

Name Of Property

Specimen House

Address/Contact Details:

Phone:                           Mobile: (if applicable)

Website: http://*******************                  Email

Note: Email addresses above are normally shown hidden behind Email to prevent “spambots” (spam robots) picking it up easily. If enquirers click on this link, it will automatically open a new email draft in their email software. Try an existing advert to see how this works. Full email address can be shown if preferred. The word "Email" can also be linked to any contact form you have on your website.

This section is for a description of the property of up to 100 words. The limit is simply to be fair to all advertisers. If a discount is given to anyone booking via this site, a comment to that effect can be included outside the 100 word limit.

Accommodation Type:

This section to denote B&B or self catering. Also, unless you say otherwise, "Walkers welcome". Also, a few brief additional  facts, such as a comment about parking, pets being accepted, free Wi-Fi etc. There are no strict conditions about what information goes in this section or the one above but, again to be fair to all, the limit is 4/5 lines . 2/3 lines is preferred.

9) Technical point; links are on a rel Value of "sponsored". This is an issue connected with Google's policy regarding paid links. This is an issue connected with Google's policy regarding paid links. The details of this can be seen at https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/96569?hl=en. It is a technicality which does not affect what users will see when they click on the link. 


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All information on this site is given in good faith and no liability is accepted in respect of any damage, loss or injury which might result from acting on it.