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Car Tax Reminder Discs

A bit of a weird subject for a walking site, admittedly! A case of now for something completely different - and I just felt like doing it!

According to recent news (Jan 2017), it seems since paper car tax discs were abolished, the number of cars clamped has more than doubled, not to mention a drop in Government revenue from the tax. A large number of drivers are being punished for making honest mistakes through simply overlooking the renewal, DVLA notices being scooped up with junk mail, being put behind the clock or whatever.

You can of course opt to pay by direct debit but in the absence of that, you need some means of not forgetting to remember!.

With Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras everywyere, waiting to pounce on untaxed cars in use and the threat of hefty fines, clamping etc, many drivers would evidently like the old tax disc system back but this is not likely to happen.

I therefore thought I would produce some approximate reproduction discs for those who would like them, which can be displayed in tax disc holders, so you have a traditional, visible reminder of when your car tax expires. The dates are shown in "traditional" format as I think these are more immediately recognised than when shown numerically.

There is no charge for these but if you felt so inclined, you could make a small donation to the Take Heart  charity (the link will take you to their website). For more information about why I choose this charity, see the pinned item on my Blog page.

Simply click on the relevant date in the lists at the bottom of the page and print off the resulting pdf document, cut out around the dotted line and hey presto, one "tax disc"!

Here is a reduced size image to show you what they look like.

If you do not have a tax disc holder, these can still be obtained cheaply via this link

If you use any of these discs, I would appreciate an email so I can evaluate whether to continue with this service. Just put "Car Tax Disc" in the subject line and email the address below. This is an image to avoid spam so you will need to type it out. I undertake not to use your email address for any other purpose..

Car Tax Reminder Discs

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