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 Noss Mayo Peninsula

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Warren National Trust car park (SX 541466)

Ordnance Survey Map

OL 20 - South Devon Brixham to Newton Ferrers.

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Distance:  9 miles

Traffic light rating: 

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Devon walk Mayo Peninsular - sketch map  

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Introduction: This walk is probably one of the easiest you could wish for. You could comfortably push a child’s buggy round it. However, it still provides extensive coastal views and takes in the unbelievably attractive village of Noss Mayo on the river Yealm and its big sister Newton Ferrers across the River Yealm. The route follows the Revelstoke Drive, a nine mile track built in the 1880s by Lord Revelstoke so he could  impress his visitors with a spectacular carriage ride. The route is therefore wide and flat for a large part. Indeed, the most difficult part of the walk is finding the start!

Start: This starting point is at the Warren National Trust car park (honesty box)  (SX 541466). To get there, turn off the A379 between Modbury and Yealmpton signposted to Holbeton and Battisborough. There is a brown tourist sign for the Dartmoor Union Inn. After turning off, stick to the “main road” keeping straight ahead and follow the road through Battisborough Cross and ultimately a dead end road to Netton and Worswell. The usual green on silver National Trust sign for The Warren is at the entrance to the car park. There is also a finger post at the entrance “Public Footpath Link to Coast Path” and another which says “Warren Cottage and Coast Path” Go through the gateway and link up with the coastal path, turning right (west) (SX 538465).

Noss Mayo peninsular

Great Mew Stone

Follow the broad stony track past a footpath post for Blackstone Point and continue to Warren Cottage (SX 536466). The public footpath route goes through the gate to Warren Cottage but an alternative path round the perimeter is signposted.

Noss Mayo

Revelstoke Drive

It is impossible to go wrong. Just stay on the track until you get to Noss Mayo.Once there, follow the road around the creek passing the Ship Inn and then, via Creekside Road, the Swan Inn (which at the time of my visit had a banner with my favourite three words for a pub “Open All Day”!). Depending on the state of the tide, you may be able to take a shortcut across the creek on a narrow causeway.

River Yealm any Newton Ferrers


Newton Ferrers

Swan Inn Newton Ferrers

Follow the creek round and ignore the footpath on the right close to the church. As you reach Junket Corner at the “Stop” sign, turn left (SX 552478). You come to a footpath sign on the right at Three Corners opposite a house with wooden shingles on the roof and you can take this route if you want to shorten the walk back to the coast but otherwise carry straight on along the road. You are looking for a tarmac lane on the right opposite the end of a row of stone cottages just before the 30 MPH sign (SX 555481). Go up here past Bridge End House.

At the top of the slope, as the tarmac runs out at the entrance to a house, turn left on the footpath. It is a sunken lane under a tunnel of trees. As you come out of the “tunnel”, turn left. You pass the property Great Prideaux on the left at which point the lane becomes tarmaced. Continue to its end and turn right (SX 537476).

Footpath at Noss Mayo

At the ‘T’ junction continue straight ahead over the stile (SX 574472) and at the coastal path, turn right.

Bolt Tail headland

Pass the entrance to Revelstoke Park (caravans). The coastal path is again broad and level. Pass a sign for St Peters Church and ignore the first footpath post indicating a car park to the right as this is not where you are parked. Pass an old lookout building and what looks like an old quarry and ahead of you is a wall on the cliff top which you walked along at the start of the walk. Climb a stile by a locked gate (with a dog gate to the left) and climb the gentle slope. As you reach the top of the slope, turn sharp right by the footpath post indicating the car park path back to your start point.

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