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 Salcombe to Blanksmill Bridge and Snapes Point 

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Salcombe Shadycombe car park (pay and display)  (SX 738392)

Ordnance Survey Map

OL20 South Devon – Brixham to Newton Ferrers.

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Distance: 6.1 miles

Traffic light rating:  Green symbol Green symbol Green symbol

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Devon walk Salcombe to Blanksmill Bridge and Snapes Point - sketch map

To view route as a dynamic Ordnance Survey map click here.

Introduction: This interesting walk from Salcombe is described as a circular walk but the section along the foreshore of Blanksmill Creek to Lincombe can only be completed during a couple of hours either side of low tide so check tide times – I was a bit early so had to wait! You need to be prepared to get a little muddy along the water’s edge and good waterproof boots are recommended.

There is a good chance of seeing a variety of birds including herons, little egrets and kingfishers. The view of Salcombe from above Snapes Point is one of the best you could get.

If low water is at the wrong time for you, you can still enjoy the Snapes Point view by taking a shorter route as described below.

The route is described from Salcombe. To get to Salcombe, take the A381 out of Kingsbridge and keep going! There are two potential pay and display car parks in Salcombe. One is on Shadycombe Road which you pass on your way to the other at Gould Road. There is another on Fore Street but it is tiny, your chances of getting a space there infinitesimal and by then you will be in the one way system and past all central car parks. There is free street parking on Devon Road. A copy of the street map is attached to the PDF document.

The car park at Shadycombe Road is taken as the start point.

The walk can also be started from the National Trust car park at Lincome Cross (SX 379402) – “honesty” box. This shortens the walk by a mile or two but this would be a shame as it would then miss out the lovely walk along Batson Creek to the equally picturesque hamlet of Batson itself.

Start: Exit the car park on to Shadycombe Road (SX 738392). Turn right then right again and drop down to the junction of Island Street and Gould Road. Bear left and walk along the water’s edge, past the car park and boat storage area and continue along the edge of Batson Creek to the hamlet, where the creek ends (SX 735397). As you walk, notice the old limekiln across the water and another by the road as you approach Batson.

Reflections at Batson Creek

Limekiln reflections at Batson Creek


Take the road from the right hand side of the hamlet and follow the road uphill past the thatched cottages for about half a mile to the ‘T’ junction. Turn left signposted for Marlborough 11/2 miles.

If you have been unable to time this walk to coincide with low water, turn right here for Lincombe Boatyard and Snapes Point and pick up the walk where indicated below.

Assuming you are going for the full walk, continue along the road to Horsecombe Cross (written vertically on the road sign post) (SX 728401). Take the footpath indicated by the fingerpost from the cross roads and walk down the left hand side of the field.

Cross the stile at the bottom and in the next field, cross diagonally right to the gate at the bottom. Go through that gate and a second on to the track behind Ilton Castle Farm. A footpath marker post with a yellow arrow indicates your route to the right.

After about 100 yards, turn left over a ‘V’ shaped stile, once again indicated by a yellow footpath arrow and cross the little bridge straight ahead. Go across the next field to the walkers’ gate and once through it, follow the left hand boundary of the next field to a stile, cross over it and turn right.

Approaching Blanksmill Creek

Follow the well marked path along the next two fields and on coming out at the narrow tarmac lane, turn right.

You are quickly at Blanksmill Bridge (SX 727410) but immediately before reaching it, turn right to follow the edge of the creek. You follow the foreshore of Blanksmill Creek for 11/3  miles until you get to the boatyard at Lincombe.

Blanksmill Creek

Approaching Lincombe Boatyard

As you get to the boatyard, look out for a shallow ditch on the right. The exact route of the Right of Way here is none too clear initially.

Please note the boatyard specifically ask that walkers do not cross the boatyard itself due to the potentially dangerous working environment with 60T cranes and plant operating.

Follow the ditch along the right hand edge of the boatyard. As you get to the end of the ditch, a footpath goes off to the right just before the concreted area.

Follow the path to a walkers’ gate and through this, go straight ahead following the right hand boundary, along a slight banking.

Go through another walkers’ gate into a field with an old barn. Head left to a five bar gate which takes you on to the tarmac lane.

Look out for a National Trust sign indicating Snapes Point and go through the walkers’ gate (SX 741405).

[If you have had to do the short walk because of the tide, pick up the route here.]

Climb the steep path away from the lane following the right hand boundary of the next two fields and at the top turn left following the fingerpost for “Snapes Point”.

Follow this large field round its left hand boundary until you get to a walkers’ gate in the corner. Through this and also follow the next field round its left hand side rounding Tosnos Point.

Panorama of Salcombe Estuary

Follow the obvious path as it contours round the hill. When the path splits, you have the choice of dropping down to the trees and following them along to a gate in the corner of the field then turning right along a rough lane. However, I recommend sticking to the contour level and keeping to the right hand path, which takes you to a fantastic viewpoint overlooking Salcombe (SX 745393).

Salcombe from Snapes Point

After admiring the view, continue to contour round the hill and you will see to your left through the hedge the lane referred to above. Eventually, you come to a walkers’ gate on the left where you join the continuation of this lane. Turn right.

Look out for the fingerpost indicating the left turn to Batson (SX 742400). Follow this down, behind Snapes Manor, to a lane, where you turn right for Batson, then left around the end of the creek back to Salcombe.

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