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Morfa Nefyn to Porth Dinllaen

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

National Trust car park at Morfa Nefyn (SH 281406)

Ordnance Survey Map

OS 253 - Lleyn Peninsula West.

Distance: 5.1 miles

Date of Walk: 13 May 2015

Traffic light rating:

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Sketch map for the walk from Morfa Nefyn to Porth Dinllaen.

To view route as a dynamic Ordnance Survey map click here.

Introduction: This short circular walk was unashamedly an excuse to visit the unusual Ty Côch Inn at the pretty hamlet of Porth Dinllaen, on the north cost of the Llŷn (Lleyn) Peninsula. It is unusual in that customers can only access it on foot or by boat but it serves great hand pulled beer and good food, so is worth the effort. Because of limited access, hours concentrate on daytime opening only, apart from weekends and vary summer/winter, so I advise checking the website.

However, this easy walk itself is quite charming, along an attractive section of coast, following the Wales Coast Path. The point at Trwyn Porth Dunellen is dramatic and I saw seals on the rocks just offshore. There were innumerable types of wild flowers along the cliffs and various types of birds. Oyster catchers and cormorants were two I recognised with my limited ornithological skills!

The large bay in which Porth Dunellen sits is spectacularly beautiful with firm sand and views of the mountains of Yr Eifl and Mynydd Carnuwch beyond.

A slight downside is that a good section of the walk follows the edge of a golf course, although this did not present any immediate problems on the day.

The walk starts from the National Trust car park at Morfa Nefyn. Morfa Nefyn is on the B4177, which runs along the north coast of the Llŷn Peninsula. Fork right (if travelling east to west) on to the B4412 in the town.

Start: Exit the car park on to the road and turn right. Follow the road past the golf club house and on to a large barn. Just past this, turn left to follow the public footpath fingerpost.

After two hundred and fifty yards, meet another path and turn left (SH 274409). It becomes a broad track, leading to Porth Dinllaen Farm.

View near start of walk

Cross the farm lane and go through a kissing gate to the pond and turn right. Between the pond and the farm buildings, turn left through a metal kissing gate then immediately right. (SH 275404).

Follow the right hand field boundary as it drops down to a gateway, after crossing a stream. Through this gateway, bear gently right, up the field, to another gate.

Go through this gate then follow the left hand field boundary past a farm then at the corner of the field, turn right (SH 269399), again following the left boundary to a kissing gate.

Through the gate, once again, follow the left boundary to the corner of the field and go through a walkers’ gate and up a few steps. After a short section of elevated footpath, you arrive at the farm. Turn right (or could be described as straight on) to follow the track.

The track becomes a sunken lane which leads you down to the coast path, accessed by turning right up some concrete steps (SH 262402). However, before climbing the steps, it is worth continuing down the path for the few yards to the quiet cove, just for a look. It is a tranquil spot, ideal for a picnic.

Small cove at junction with Wales Coast Path

Wales Coast Path - view west

Wales Coast Path - view east

From the concrete steps above, simply follow the coast path. You pass through the rear of Aber Gerich (SH 267405), a cove unmistakable due to the pipeline running along it and over a broad stream via a bridge. Despite the (fairly small) pipeline, it is quite an attractive spot and there was a profusion of spring flowers when I did the walk.

Thrift on Wales Coast Path

Bluebells on the Wales Coast Path

Aber Geirch

Beyond Aber Gerich, you pass the bay of Borth Wen then quickly start to follow the edge of the golf course. The route is at the perimeter and well marked with the Welsh Coast Footpath signs. Watch out for flying golf balls and please respect the golfers’ games. They seemed friendly enough and one waited happily whilst I passed.

Borth Wen

Incidentally, I would not recommend copying one couple I saw who were sitting enjoying the view right on the edge of the fairway!

Follow the coastline out along the left of the “finger” to the point at Trewyn Porth Dunellen, where there is a coastguard station (SH 276421). Continue back by the other side of the “finger” and along to the gorgeous bay of Porth Dunellen. On the way you pass the relatively new lifeboat station which was open for a look as I passed. Please leave a donation.

Coastguard station at Trwn, Port Dinllaen

Porth Dinllaen bay

Porth Dinllaen lifeboat station

The hamlet of Porth Dinllaen

You arrive at the tiny hamlet of Porth Dunellen itself with its cluster of cottages and of course the pub.

Beach at Porth Dinllaen

Tide permitting; continue across the firm sands, past a couple of holiday cottages to another small group of whitewashed cottages. Turn right up the road here (SH 282409).  Look out for a footpath on the right virtually opposite the Cliff Inn which will return you to the car park.

Cottages at the edge of Morfa Nefyn

In the event the tide makes this latter section impassable, take the track through the golf course and retrace your steps via the road to the car park.

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