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 Goathland to Grosmont 

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Car park in Goathland (NZ 933013)

Ordnance Survey Map

OL27 North York Moors – Eastern Area.

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Distance:  7.9 miles

Traffic light rating:

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North York Moors walk Goathland to Grosmont - sketch map

To view route as a dynamic Ordnance Survey map click here.

Introduction: This is an easy 7.9 mile walk but allow plenty of time because there are several distractions. It incorporates Mallyan Spout and Thomason Foss waterfalls, the picturesque Beck Hole with its almost unreasonably quaint  Birch Hall Inn and the North Yorkshire Moors railway with its steam engines. The first part of the walk follows the walk follows the track bed of the original route of the Whitby to Pickering  Railway built by George Stephenson in 1836.

The walk starts in the pretty moorland village of Goathland made famous by the TV series Heartbeat. It could be done as a “half walk” by walking one way only  to Grosmont and catching a steam train back (or the other way round). Equally, Goathland can be reached by using this service from Whitby or Pickering or any of the intervening stations – see the NY Moors Railway website.

By road, the main route to Goathland is by turning west off the A169 between Pickering and Whitby. There is a modestly priced car park in Goathland (opposite the parade of shops) from where the walk starts. Refreshments are available in Goathland, Grosmont and at the Birch Hall Inn. There are various benches en route for a picnic.

Please note that although GPS routes are provided, much of the satellite reception is affected by overhanging trees and cliffs in places and may unreliable.

Start: From the car park in Goathland (NZ 933013), turn right and walk along the road through the village, ignoring the right turn, until you reach the Mallyan Spout Hotel opposite the church. Take the footpath via the metal kissing gate to the right of the hotel (NZ 828007) with the fingerpost to Mallyan Spout.

After descending a series of steps, you get to the river (the Murk Esk) and a three way finger post (NZ 825012).Turn left to Mallyan Spout - 130 metres. This waterfall drops vertically on the left but may be little evident after dry weather. If you reach a bridge over the river, you have gone too far!

        Mallyan Spout        Murk Esk  

After seeing the waterfall, retrace your steps to the fingerpost and follow the direction to Beck Hole ¾ mile. After descending a series of stone steps, you get to a stone house. There is a sign on the fence indicating the course of the old railway line to the left and right. Turn left briefly then, at a four way fingerpost (NZ 821021), turn right and left at the road for Beck Hole. You are more or less opposite the Birch Hall Inn which is a “must visit” for anyone who likes pubs. It is an unusual combined shop/pub and the “bar” is a serving hatch into the shop.

Birch Hall Inn at Beck Hole

The next port of call is to visit Thomason Foss. Continue along the road past the pub and just after crossing the river bridge, look out for a small public footpath sign on the right and take this dead end path. Follow it for about 1/3 of a mile until you reach the waterfall (NZ 826022) which is very dramatic after heavy rain. You pass a point adjacent to the NY moors Railway and a good spot to see any passing steam trains.

Thomason Foss

Retrace your steps past the pub to the four way finger post mentioned above and turn right along the old railway line for Grosmont. Cross a footbridge and follow the sign for Grosmont and the Esk Valley. Ignore any turns off the old railway track. You pass what is little more than an isolated row of cottages at Esk Valley (NZ 822043). Keep straight ahead.

As you walk along railway sidings with various trains etc awaiting renovation by the NY Moors Railway, the old track is barred by a metal gate. Turn left here then right through a kissing gate. Through a walkers gate, there is a bench and from there, is a great view of Grosmont and its railway station. Turn right here to walk into the village. Walk down the left hand side of the church and cross a suspension bridge and you are at the railway station (NZ 828053).

Steam Train at Grosmont Station Turn right and walk through the village. Walk up the hill until you reach a small public footpath sign on the right indicating your route, opposite a large red brick house bearing the name Parkvilla (NZ 831052).

Follow the path down through the trees. After crossing a footbridge, the path forks, go left. You join a broad tarmac track go left. Walk along the tarmac for about 250 yards and look out for a small public footpath sign on the right (NZ 829047). Take this path which has large cobblestones indicating the way. Through a gate and the path becomes a broad track through the trees. Although in many instances they are hidden by debris, note the continued presence of the cobbles indicating this must have been a major route in ancient times.

Via a stile and footbridge, the path opens into a field. Follow the right hand boundary and go over the stile in the opposite corner and follow the path alongside the trees. The path briefly re-enters the trees via a stile and exits immediately left over another. Ignore the faint path straight ahead between the two stiles.

The path passes through a gateway bearing a notice on the opposite side that warns that the river crossing is closed. We are not going that way but be sure not to take the right turn down to the river.


At Green End Farm (NZ 825035), turn left and look out for the small green public  bridleway sign on the right after about 100 yards (NZ 826035).

Continue through the next farmyard and after 100 yards, branch off left following the bridleway below some old spoil heaps.

On reaching the tarmac road, turn right and after 200 yards or so, branch off left by the public footpath sign (NZ 824029). The path follows the contour round the hill. Do not be tempted to take any faint paths off to the left which climb the hill. Soon, the path follows the course of a stone wall on the right.

At Hill Farm (where there are static caravans ) (NZ 824024), turn left along the broad track in the direction of the solitary finger post on the left, passing Lins farm.

You come in sight of the railway line at a bench. Go left here. You might catch sight of Thomason Foss below you.

Footbridge under Railway Bridge

Cross the river via a footbridge which passes under the railway bridge. After climbing the steps, follow the clear path the road (NZ 829019) and turn left and at the crossroads with Darnholme Road, turn right to follow the ancient paved road into Goathland.

Centre of Goathland

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