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 Rosedale Abbey and the Mines

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Rosedale Abbey (SE 726960). Free car park on Heygate Bank – take the turn signposted Egton Bridge.

Ordnance Survey Map

OL26 North York Moors – Western area.

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Distance:  11.4 miles

Traffic light rating:  

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North York Moors walk Rosedale Abbey and the Mines - sketch map

To view route as a dynamic Ordnance Survey map click here.

Introduction: Rosedale was an important centre for high grade ironstone mining from the 1850s to the 1920s. The mines are closed but plenty of industrial archaeology remains with information boards. A beneficial legacy as far as walkers are concerned is that the mining industry resulted in what is now a disused railway route circling the entire valley above Rosedale Abbey. This walk takes advantage of this track-bed and although the walk is quite long it is easy because of course it is level, as it hugs the contours of the land. It provides great views up and down the valley and across the North Yorkshire Moors. The monolith of the RAF Fylingdales radar station some 10 miles away is clearly visible.

The walk starts in Rosedale Abbey where there is street parking and a free car park, the starting point for the walk.

Rosedale Abbey is at the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors and the best way to get there very much depends on from which direction you arrive. It is best to consult an atlas or get directions via Google Maps via my Location of Start Points via the “My Walks” page.

Refreshments are available in Rosedale Abbey at one of two pubs and tea rooms. There is also a pub part way round the walk (The Lion at Blakey) and there is Dale Head Farm half way round which does teas etc (opening variable).

Start: From the car park (SE 726960), turn right and walk to the village centre. At the cross roads, go straight ahead to the right of the village green. At the small grassy triangle, turn right. As you round the corner, look out for the church on the right with the “stump” which is the only remains of the Cistercian Priory. Take the footpath opposite (SE 724959) marked with a fingerpost for Dunn Carr Bridge.

This takes you into the campsite and its tarmac drive. Turn right. The route through the campsite and areas “out of bounds”  are clearly marked. As the drive swings to the left go through the kissing gate straight ahead in the direction of the fingerpost for Dunn Carr Bridge.

Follow the obvious path until shortly after entering a copse of trees there is a bridge to the left. Ignore this and at the fork shortly beyond it, go left, crossing some wooden boarding. Having crossed the boarding, bear slightly right and go through the gate ahead bearing a yellow waymarker.

You then come to a ladder stile and after crossing it, look out for a metal gate ahead with a walkers gate attached. Through this, turn left on a broad track, descending slightly.

As the track levels out, look out for a stile on the right with a yellow waymark arrow and cross this. Follow the right hand bank of the stream until you reach a footbridge (SE 710968) however do not cross it but turn sharp right and follow the line of stone slabs across the field towards the power pole in the centre of the field (you could of course cut the corner if you are sure where you are). The stone slabs guide you across the field to a stile and a twin plank short footbridge. Beyond these head for the farm gate ahead.

Go straight ahead through the kissing gate climbing slightly all the while. Through the next kissing gate, the track follows the left hand boundary of the field and comes out at Hill Houses by a row of garages. Follow the gravel track straight ahead.

Cross the road at Hill Cottages (SE 709976) and go straight ahead on the marked bridleway. As you pass a white painted house, you get the first glimpse of industrial archaeology on the left.

As the track turns a corner, you reach a gate with a blue bridleway arrow pointing to the right and an information board. Ignore the blue arrow and go straight ahead. You are now on the track bed of the old railway which you simply follow as it circles the valley. As you reach an old spoil heap, the track turns left then immediately right.


As you walk along, on the skyline on the opposite side of the valley, look out for a cluster of buildings which are the Lion Inn. There is an opportunity to visit this later in the walk should you wish.

You pass the defunct workings of East Mines with an information board and a little further on is a sign (SE 698998) indicating teas at Dale Farm.

East Mines Kilns

Rosedale Old Railway Track


Rosedale        East Mines and RAF Fylingdales

Continue to follow the track round the valley. You come to the remains of an old brick building with its old window forming an arch at NZ 681004 and the Lion Inn is behind it reached by a footpath with a fingerpost indicating it at SE 680999. There is another at SE 683995.

At a crossroad of tracks, just carry on straight ahead on the level track. Indeed, straight ahead is virtually the only instruction needed for the rest of this walk.

There is the fenced off remains of an old mineshaft at SE 697963 and if you stand on a large stone there, you can just see the hole! After this mine, the track swings round to the left in a large arc.

View from a bench en route

As you pass behind a row of cottages, take the gravel path which branches off to the left and at the road, turn left and walk down the steep hill back into Rosedale Abbey.

Rosedale Abbey in the evening sun  

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