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Starting point  and OS Grid reference: google pin

Rough lay-by on the left close to Scugdale Hall (NZ 516001)

Ordnance Survey Map

OL26 NY Moors - Western area.

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Distance: 2.8 miles

Traffic light rating:  Green symbol  

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North York Moors walk Scugdale - sketch map

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Introduction: I would bet money that if you asked most walkers where Scugdale was, you would draw a blank. It is a tranquil cul-de-sac valley, a “time forgot” sort of place, on the edge of the North York Moors and accessed via the lovely village of Swainby, just off the A19.

This walk was intended to be a circular walk taking in part of the Cleveland Way but was dramatically cut short by my bad fall on Bilsdale West Moor which resulted in torn knee ligaments. The distance walked was only 2.8 miles, hardly worth putting boots on for but given the several weeks of suffering which resulted and the fact I had some quite nice photos of what is a very scenic area, I was determined to publish it anyway. I will return one day to complete the intended route but this would be a lovely “stroll” with nice views for anyone with limited time. It is especially beautiful in the August heather season. [Note did return and complete, though in reverse order in September 2019. See Bilsdale West Moor Circuit]

The walk starts at a rough roadside lay-by just before Scugdale Hall. To get there, turn south east off the A172 for Swainby. Head along the main street and after leaving the edge of the village, turn left on to Scugdale Road. Keep straight ahead on this road. After passing a row of cottages on the left at Huthwaite Green and a road sign indicating a cul-de-sac, negotiate a 90° right hand bend, a 90° left hand bend then two more sharp bends close together at Raikes Farm. ¼ mile after this is the lay-by on the left.

You need to have any refreshments with you but there are two nice pubs in Swainby afterwards or for lunch before.

Start: Walk along the road in the same direction as you arrived and just past Scugdale Hall, turn left on to a bridleway at a fingerpost. There is a sign “Welcome to Scugdale” (NZ 518001).


As you get close to the top of the bank there is a path off to the right but ignore this and continue to the top.

barkers crags

looking west along scugdale

At a ‘T’ junction of paths, turn right. The path forks with a wider track going off to the right. Take this.

Pass Brian’s Pond (NZ 523007) on the left and just past this, join a wide stony moorland path and turn right. On the right shortly afterwards take a fainter track off to the right (NZ 523009). There is a rudimentary tiny cairn which marks the spot. In the distance you might spot a post with a white top.

brians pond

bilsdale west moor

After passing a number of shooting positions, the path splits. Take the right hand track heading towards the trees. Follow this to a gate and turn right by a small barn (NZ529011) after going through it. Go through two gates and follow the path alongside the trees.

moorland view

On joining a broad stony track, turn right and follow it through the trees. Exit the trees and midway across the open space before the next group of trees, take the right turn (NZ 523004).

The track climbs gently and after passing under some power lines turn right (NZ 528002), passing a fingerpost. Go through a gateway and the track descends gently back into Scugdale, joining the road at Scugdale Hall. Follow the road back to the car park.

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