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Ilkley To Skipton (Linear Walk)

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Starts at the bus/train station in Ilkley (SE 119476)

Ordnance Survey Map
OL2 Yorkshire Dales - Southern and Western Areas & Explorer 297 - Lower Wharfedale.

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Distance: 9.4 miles Date of Walk: 14 January 2011


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934ft (285m)
895ft (273m)

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Introduction: This walk rather annoyingly spans more than one map but to be honest it is such an easy route to follow a map is not really essential at all. It is a linear walk beginning at the bus/train station in Ilkley (they are next to each other) and a bus can be caught back to Ilkley from Skipton. For much of its length, it follows an ancient route across Addingham and Skipton Moor on a broad track. You see the River Wharfe between Ilkley and Addingham, Addingham weir and church and the walk over the moors offers good views across to Beamsley Beacon and the Wharfe Valley.

Start: Turn left out of the station (s) and at the roundabout, turn right down Brook Street. At the traffic lights turn left then the next right Bridge Lane to take you down to the river. Keeping the river on your right, follow the road along past the old bridge and by the plant nursery is a footpath which is the start of the Dalesway long distance footpath to Bowness in the Lake District  (SE 112481).

The footpath exits after a short distance into the drive to Ilkley tennis club. Turn right along the drive and look out for the Dalesway sign through a gate on the left before you get to the clubhouse (SE107483). Follow the clear footpath through the fields and when it reaches the river, follow the river bank until the path exits into the old Ilkley Road to Addingham.


Weir at Addingham

Turn right along the pavement and take the next right along Old Lane (SE 090489). After pausing at the bend to view the weir, continue along Greaves Smithy (first right round the bend) which becomes Low Mill Lane. Look out for a footpath on the right indicated by a Dalesway sign (SE 085496). Follow this and pass in front of the church. Look out for an information board on the right hand side after the church which tells you about Christian worship in Addingham. Behind it is a short footpath between the houses. This takes you into North Street where you turn left then immediately right into Church Street.

Stay on Church Street until you reach Addingham Main Street and turn right. Walk through the village and branch off to the right by the Craven Heifer pub along Skipton Road. Take the next left, Moor Lane (SE 071501). Essentially you now simply keep straight ahead all the way to Skipton, ignoring any footpaths/tracks to either side.

Moor Lane is interrupted by the main road village by-pass which you cross and continue along the metalled road (still Moor Lane) as it begins to rise.

Beamsley Beacon

Chelker Reservoir

Eventually, the tarmac gives way to a stony track which continues to rise until it reaches a minor road where there is an ancient milestone (SE 040511). Cross this road and the track levels out and continues straight ahead, becoming a walled track and passing a plantation on the right before descending through some trees.

The path exits at the end of Shortbank Road (SE 002512) and you walk downhill into Skipton passing the old toll house on the right. Turn left at the end of Shortbank Road along Newmarket Street into the centre.



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