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Settle Round

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Settle SD 820634 Large pay and display cp.

Ordnance Survey Map
OL2 Yorkshire Dales -  Southern and Western Areas.

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Note: If you use OS Maps on-line, you can download this route via this link.

Distance: 10 miles Date of Walk: 24 November 2010


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1760ft (537m)
1762ft (537m)

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Yorkshire Dales walk Settle Round - sketch map

To view route as a dynamic Ordnance Survey map click here.

Introduction: This is a lovely, easy to follow walk from Settle which shows off some magnificent limestone scenery and an impressive cave.

This walk starts from the large car park in Settle (SD 820634). To find this, turn east off the B6480 in the centre of Settle along Chapel Street. At the little crossroads, turn right along the narrow road Chapel Square, which leads to the pay and display car park. Charges are modest.

Start: Boot up and walk back along Chapel Square, straight across the small cross roads along High Street, then turn right up Castle Hill, which becomes Highway. Watch out for the fork at a telegraph pole. Highway branches left and you want the broad track on the right (SD 822638).

Follow this track as it gently climbs and there are some magnificent views back over Settle. Follow this track for half a mile towards Langcliffe, ignoring the first track you come to on the right (SD 823641) which climbs steeply and will be your return route.  

You will soon have good views of Pen-y-ghent straight ahead.  


At the next fork (SD 824646) bear right. This junction is easy to miss, as the better used track descends to Langcliffe. As a guide to where to branch off, look out for a group of trees on the left with a barn in front and branch off just after the barn.  You need to be climbing towards a copse of trees. Pass through the trees and  follow the path alongside a second group of trees coming out on to a road at SD 830653.  

Turn right and where the road immediately sharply turns left, at the corner is a broad stony track straight ahead. Follow this broad track alongside the stone wall, ignoring the rather indistinct footpath to the left at the first gateway. You will pass a barn to the right of the track (over the wall).  

Attemire Scar

Victoria Cave


About 200/300 yards beyond the barn is a footpath to the right (SD 837653). It is worth making a short detour here to see Victoria Cave (SD 838650). It is only around a quarter of a mile each way. A signpost marks the way. The cave is just off to the left of the main path. A notice board warns you that the mouth of the cave is unsafe and describes some of its history. Prehistoric remains were found there and it gets its name from the fact that an inner chamber was discovered on Queen Victoria's accession day in 1837.  

After looking at the cave, retrace your steps to the main stony track and turn right. Stay on this track as it scribes a broad easterly arc. For some distance it runs along the right side of a wall. After a mile (SD 852658 ), it swerves away from the wall, towards Gorbeck. Stay on the main track and ignore a path on the left just after passing through the second wall.




Malham Tarn

Continue on the path and turn right at the next footpath (signed), towards Settle (SD881650).  At the next junction of paths, go right (SD 875640) and also at the junction after that, passing  to the north of Stockdale Farm, before joining the farm track and turning right. The track becomes Stockdale Lane and where it turns shaply left, there is a gate on the right (SD 848638). Follow this track through the nature reserve and below Attermire Scar. Along this route is some of the best limestone scenery in the area.  

Warrendale Knotts

Remain on the track below the scars, ignoring a crossing North/South track, gradually descending towards Settle. 1.7 miles after leaving Stockdale Lane, turn left (SD 823642) where there are good views of Warrendale Knotts. You shortly rejoin the broad track back to the junction with Highway and the road back into Settle.

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