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 Ilkley Moor Walks

Ilkley Moor walks are in many cases are mis-named. Probably because of the famous song "On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at" which has put the town itself on the map, there is often an assumption that all the moorland above the town is all Ilkley Moor. In fact, Ilkley Moor is only one section of the greater Rombalds Moor and not even the majority of it.

I have found no definitive map of what exactly constitutes Rombalds Moor but the bold black outline on the attached map gives a rough approximation with the individual moors Ilkley Moor, Burley Moor, Hawksworth Moor, Baildon Moor, Bingley Moor, Morton Moor, and Addingham High Moor defined by the relevant parish boundaries (in purple). My lines may not be pinpoint perfect but they give you the idea.

Rombalds Moor showing its constituent parts.

A number of my walks cross Ilkley Moor but cross other parts of Rombalds Moor too. For ease of reference, these are shown below.

If anyone knows a map which precisely defines Rombalds Moor, please email to me.

Scroll down to see Ilkley Moor walks.

Ilkley Moor Walks

The start point for all walks can be located on Google Maps. Click here.

Burley-in-Wharfedale to Ilkley Moor Summit Crosses Burley Moor first then over Ilkley Moor to its summit.
Burley-in-Wharfedale to Cow and Calf Rocks Crosses Burley Moor first then over Ilkley Moor to the famous Cow and Calf Rocks.
Burley-in-Wharfedale to Ilkley A walk along the edge of Burley and Ilkley Moors maintaining good views over Wharfedale
Ilkley to Burley-in-Wharfedale Crosses Ilkley Moor via the Twelve Apostles then descends Burley Moor to Burley in Wharfedale
Shipley to Ilkley This walk crosses Baildon Moor first, then on to Rombalds Moor to follow the boundary between Hawksworth and Bingley Moors, then over Ilkley Moor to the town itself.
Steeton to Ilkley via the Doubler Stones (Linear walk) This route joins Rombalds Moor and goes via Addingham Hige Moor to join Ilkley Moor not far from the Swastika Stone.

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