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Arrecife is Spanish for reef and the town gets the name because the harbour is formed by a series of reefs and small islands. It became the capital of Lanzarote in the 18th century, taking over the role from Teguise. The population is currently somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000.

If I am brutally honest, I do not much care for Arrecife. That may be because I am not a city lover or shopper. It has a long promenade which is dominated by one of the few high rise and probably ugliest buildings on the island; the Grand Hotel. This was closed for years after a fire but instead of pulling it down, it was allowed to be rebuilt/repaired.

Many of the shops close for the siesta between about 1.00pm and 5.00pm, which is not conducive to when I might want to shop!

The Charco de San Ginés de Arrecife is an inland salt-water lagoon fringed with white fishermen’s houses and is quite attractive.

There are the Castles of San Jose, housing the international Museum of Modern Art, and San Gabriel where the Archaeological Museum is based.

The port is popular with cruise ships.

Unless you had seriously run out of things to do or, in the unlikely event of bad weather you were desperate, I would visit other places first – sorry Arrecife!  

Castillo de San Gabriel

Seafront at Arrecife

Seafront at Arrecife

Charco de San Ginés de Arrecife

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