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Timanfaya National Park 

This is the major tourist attraction on the island with some justification. It is a landscape created by major volcanic activity. Tourists are taken round the Park by bus which is quite frustrating as you have to go at the pace of the tour bus taped commentary. You are barely allowed off the bus because the powers that be want to keep the landscape pristine. Photos through bus windows are just not the same!

You are allowed off the bus at a limited number of designated points to take photos and there are the set piece demonstrations of just how close to the surface the volcanic activity still is, such as water thrown down a hole, which instantly vapourises, twigs thrown into a hole, which instantly catch fire and chickens roasting over simply a hole in the ground or by geothermal heat if you want to be posh!

Despite what might be seemed as my unenthusiastic description, Timanfaya is worth a visit, at least once, because some of the best volcanic remains are there. The shapes and colours are amazing and because of lack of rainfall are much as they were when the volcanic activity ceased in the 18th and 19th centuries.

As with all the tourist attractions, it is best visited in the morning soon after it opens, before the majority of the tour busses arrive.

There is a free guided walk service but you have to book in advance (48 hours I think) and it can be difficult to get a place (see Centro de Visitantes).

The Timanfaya National Park is accessed via the LZ-602 off the LZ-67 and is well signposted.

Volcanic landscape at Timanfya

Volcanic landscape at Timanfya

Volcanic landscape at Timanfya

Fire pit at Timanfya

Chickens roasting over fire pit.




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