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Mirador Del Rio 

I visited Mirador Del Rio some years ago and I know I should have been more impressed by the Mirador Del Rio, at the north of the island. It is yet another of César Manrique’s creations, using the site of an old gun battery. It is set in the cliffs providing a great views of the neighbouring small island of Isla La Graciosa. The view from the external balcony gives a more dramatic situation.

Despite all that, I did not find it especially fantastic. I didn't even bother to take a photo.

However in 2015, I visited it again, to see if I misjudged it. This time, I did take some photos, so you can judge for yourself. I was still not unduly impressed. Essentially, you are paying to go to a cafe with a nice view. Although the cost in itself is not huge (4.74 Euros at 2022 prices) , for not a great deal more (6.5 Euro at 2022 prices), you can go to (say) the Cactus Garden which I think is much more interesting and better value. Still, one man's meat etc.

Situated at the north-most corner of the LZ-202.

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